Islam has honoured humans regardless of their Religion. Allah the all Almighty says, “And we have certainly honoured the children of Adam and carried them on sea and provided for them of the good thing and the preferred them over much of what we have created (with definite preference).”(Al-Isra’17;70)  When prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) migrated to Madinah, he showed kindness to the jews and drafted the charter of Madinah to organize the relationships between the different clans and tribes inhabiting Madinah. This document stated that justice must be done between the people of Madinah regardless of their beliefs or religion, and that nobody shell be coerced to adopt the religion of Islam. Allah the Almighty says, “And had your lord willed, those on earth would have believed-all of them entirely. Then (O Muhammad), would compel the people in other that they become believers. “(Yunus 10:99)                         Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to show kindness and benevolence to all people without discriminating between them. He would sell to or buy from Muslim and non-Muslim alike. He even passed away while his iron armour was mortgaged to a Jew in Madinah for some barley. In his migration journey to Madinah, he hired a Jewish man to guide him to Madinah and trusted with is life. A young Jewish boy who was in the service of the


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